Discovering Carmarthenshire

Jonathan Knight, author of Cool Camping, reveals his top tips for first time campers...

Carmarthenshire Caravan & Camping
Cool Camping
  • Arrive at your site as early as possible - you’ll get your pick of the pitches and avoid having to wrestle with your tent in the dark.
  • The highest ground is the driest ground. Usually.
  • Hedges are Mother Nature’s windbreaks.
  • Don’t pitch under the tallest tree, especially if a thunderstorm is on its way. Or if loads of birds live in it. Bird droppings are not easy to clean off a tent.
  • Watch out for the nests of anything that could bite, sting or lay its eggs in you.
  • Don’t forget your mallet - flip-flops and frying pans do not a substitute make.
  • Stay warm. If you’re cold, you’re miserable - you need pyjamas even in summer, and a snug hat at all times.
  • Flip-flops are de rigueur for everything from dead-of-night toilet trips to muddy campsite shower floors.
  • Ziploc bags are indispensable. Use them for anything from storing wet wipes, matches and playing cards, to marinating your meat in.
  • If you have to pack up a wet tent, make sure you dry it out later. Otherwise it will grow things that will colonise your loft.
  • Have fun! Laugh in the face of disaster and bad weather, and you’re sure to have a holiday to remember.

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