Discovering Carmarthenshire
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Fishing in Carmarthenshire

Fishing in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire has so much to offer a fisherman. With many beautiful beaches, coves, inland waterways and peaceful riverbanks. The opportunity to catch Sea Trout (known as Sewin in Wales), Brown Trout and Salmon, as well as Tope, Mackerel, Bass and many more abound in Carmarthenshire’s crystal clear waters.

Game Fishing

Game Fishing in Carmarthenshire

The river Tywi is one of the finest Sewin rivers in Europe. April to September it is well known for its runs of Sewin and Salmon. Extending to 75 miles in length it is the longest river in the county and you will be spoilt for choice as to where to go. It also has a number of tributaries that hold good stocks of wild brown trout some of the larger streams have runs of salmon and sea trout.

Never been night fishing? Well here is the place to have a go and experience something new. The Tywi is famous for its night time sewin fishing.

The river Teifi is the second longest river and flows west to east from the stunningly beautiful Cambrian Mountains along the county’s northern border. It boasts good runs of Salmon and Sewin and many gifted fishermen have caught trout into double figures. The Teifi offers 50 miles of fishing along its pretty banks where much wildlife can be seen with patience.

The Taf, a lowland, slow flowing river once famed for its spring salmon, is enjoying a revival of salmon fishing with native parr being re-stocked at the head of the river. The rivers Cowin, Cynon and Dewi Fawr also have excellent reputations for good fishing with Trout in abundance.

Coarse Fishing

Coarse Fishing in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire has a number of small still waters including excellent fisheries offering coarse and trout fishing for beginners to the well experienced fisherman. Many offering good stocks of Mirror and Common Carp, Perch, Trout, Roach, Bream, Pike and Tench. Here you can dream about the one that got away enjoying the serene surroundings. There is no close season for coarse fish in Carmarthenshire.

Sea Fishing

Sea Fishing in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire has sandy beaches in abundance. With over 30 miles of superb beaches to choose from. Ideal for sea fishing whether you want to cast into the surf or let your children explore the rocks and shallows for tiddlers. We have many wonderful beaches many with a Blue flag indicating a healthy coastline.

Llanelli North Dock, excellent for Bass and Flounders. Baits; Blow Lugworm, Crab and cockles. The Llanelli breach often has coloured water so it is advisable to use on your rig coloured beads. There are a number of good casting areas with sand and shingle. It’s worth moving and explore the ‘hot spots’ which vary to the time of year.

Pwll, a muddy venue but can be quite productive for Dabs and Flounders. Best to fish 6.5 metre tide. Baits; lugworm, mussels and peeler crab.

Burry Port, try the West Pier, past the lighthouse, On the East pier fish from the slipway. During the summer months species include Bass, Mullet and Flounders .Baits; Mussel, Crab and Lugworm. Winter Fishing here is also very productive with Codling & Whiting.

Cefn Sidan, not only is it the longest beach in the county but also offer fantastic fishing. With such a long beach it’s worth contacting local tackle dealers as to the latest information on what fish are running and type of bait to use. Plenty of parking but you have a long walk to your selected fishing ground Baits; Black Lugworm, Razor fish, Cockles, Mussels and Whelks. Species; Bass and Flounders. You don’t know what to expect during the summer even tope can be caught.

Carmarthen Bay Estuary. Contact Carmarthen Bay Holiday Park. Tel: 01267 267511. Species: Bass, Flounders and Mullet. Baits; Black Lug worm, Cockles.

Stephens Bay. A fast tide runs up the Gwendraeth Channel. Fish at Low tide. Look for peeler crabs, cockles and black lugworm.

Ferryside, has a diverse number of good fishing areas. This is a tidal area with the river Towy running from the estuary. Species: Bass, Flounders.

Llansteffan. The beach here is ideal for the family. Fish to the left of the main car park, about 500 metres, here there is a stream running in to the sea, take care as the gully is very muddy. There are always good runs of Flounders and Dabs. During July the Bass start to run. Peely crab and lugworm are productive. There is a free car park, public conveniences, tea room and Fish & Chip take away.

Scotts Bay. Walking to the right of Llansteffan Beach you will need a high tide to fish in deep water. Try fishing when the tide is on the turn. Here it has a sandy bottom. The Taff estuary can be fished around from Scots Bay but take care as there are a number of channels which require caution. Flounders can be expected and Bass when running during late June and July. Baits; black lugworm, peeler crabs even strips of Mackerel will catch.

Ginst Point, which has access to the river Taf Estuary. This is a well known venue for Bass fishing on spinner or bait. As this is a restricted area, you can only fish after 4 pm week days and at weekends. Please contact the security police on 01994 452310. They will also advise on parking close to the beach. This beach eventually connects with Pendine beach.

Pendine beach well known for its car racing. It is a popular fishing beach for experienced anglers and casual visitors .In the town there are a few eateries & public conveniences. Here there are always good runs of flounders and dabs. During July the Bass start to run. Baits; Peely crab and lugworm are productive. Frozen baits from the tackle shops will also do well.

Boat Charters

Coarse Fishing in Carmarthenshire

Most Boat charters go out from Burry Port.The skippers have a great knowledge of the local areas and where to catch those larger fish. When mackerel are running look out for some 'fantastic sport'. Fishing for all the family.