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Carmarthenshire Angling

Carmarthenshire Angling - Simon Williams
Cyril Hughes, 12lb 8oz smoothound

Cyril Hughes, 12lb 8oz smoothound.

Angling in Carmarthenshire brings much needed tourism and makes a serious contribution to the local economy. What’s so special about the fishing in Carmarthenshire? We are blessed with some fantastic river fishing, still water lakes and reservoirs and of course wonderful beaches. In fact we are spoiled for choice. If you are interested in starting to fish you must decide which discipline you would like to try. As a general guide it is recommended that you go with someone who is a regular fisherman. You will require a rod licence if you want to fish for trout and coarse fish and game river fishing for salmon and sea trout the licences are available from a post office or on line at Natural Recourses Wales, Coarse fishing is the most popular pursuit with many still waters holding a good head of fish such as; Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach and Bream.

Dave Thomas, 31lb 5oz Whiskers

Dave Thomas, 31lb 5oz Whiskers.

Fisheries usually have a shop on site where you can get bait and more importantly they can explain what tactics to use. Do you have any tackle? If not the fishery will often help you with what you will require to fish, or, may loan you tackle. Game fishing for trout, sea trout and salmon requires different skills and tackle. Again go with someone who regularly fishes. Starting with still waters, here there is a very good chance of you catching a trout and exploring tactics and how to cast. From still waters you can progress to the rivers. Local fishing clubs and associations could be your first call. They often have qualified coaches to teach you how to fish and advise on what tackle to buy.

Dil John, 9lb 8oz small eyed ray

Dil John, 9lb 8oz small eyed ray.

Spring is not only a happy time for gardeners but for anglers too. It’s a time for anglers to prepare for the fishing season. After being house bound and bored with long dark nights and cold, wet weather, anglers are awaiting the arrival of spring. Some anglers will fish throughout the year "come rain or snow". The sea angler will brave the stormiest weather knowing that a good blow will bring fish in close to the shore. Coarse fishing anglers will also fish throughout their season. Game river anglers season starts on the 1st April when the season opens on the rivers for sea trout and possible salmon. If a salmon is landed it must be returned to the water, until June 16 thereafter they can be retained. The fish now refreshed from their period at sea, well fed and hopefully will run avoiding trawlers and nets through the estuaries to the rivers of their birth.

Sea shore fishing is FREE, charter boats will charge a modest fee. Most of the leisure fishing takes place around the Carmarthenshire shore during spring and summer. Anglers will fish the oncoming tide with a variety of baits. Many species can be caught from the shore including Mackerel, Bass, flounders, dabs, cod, codling, whiting and other species. Again different tackle and skills will be required. Please use your local tackle shop for advice and to purchase baits. Youngsters will find fishing an enjoyable pastime quite a change from, I’Pods and computers.

Organizations who will give advice are:

Other individual organizations:


  • The Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation.
    Contact the Secretary, e-mail:
  • Fred Burton, tel 01267 231785, e-mail: